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Scott's Websites are a portfolio of three websites - one each on Motorsport, Radio and Transport. These Terms of Use cover all three websites, plus this site which you are viewing just now. By continuing to view this website, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions listed here.


(Last Update: 08/09/2017) This site tries to wherever possible respect copyright. However, if we make an error we are only happy to rectify the problem. If you believe that any of your copyrighted material has been used without consent, please email transport@sco1996.tk. Please note that we will only discuss copyright matters through email, and will not discuss through forums and social networking sites (also applies to private messages/PMs).

Bulk collection of data from this website is prohibited, as is storing this website in any sort of archive, whether acessible through the internet or not.


(Last Update: 08/09/2017) This website does not use cookies.

Links on this Site

(Last Update: 05/01/2014) All links on this site are provided at your own risk. I cannot guarantee that the information on external sites is accurate. However, many of the links provided are to sites that I actually use, and may make recommendations on which site to use. Recommendations are based on my opinion, and you may not find a site as useful as I have.

Feel free to post links to this site on other sites, provided the site you place your link on doesn't contain any obscene, offensive or illegal material. When you place a link to this site you must agree to these rules.


(Last Update: 08/09/2017) All photographs on this site are copyright protected. The copyright may be attributed to Scott's Motorpsort/Radio/Transport Site, Scott's Websites or to an individual.

We prohibit all embedding of the photos posted on these websites within other sites. This also applies to streams based on 'tags', and web based image searches. In other words, Google, Bing or Yahoo, are breaking this condition if you see an image from this site in their search results (Google have already broken this).

If you wish to use a photograph found on this site please email your request to transport@sco1996.tk. We may then allow use subject to agreed terms. Please note that this site has script which disables the copying of images from the site, so if permission is granted, we will email you a copy of the image.


(Last Update: 12/05/2015) As I use html code to code to program this site myself, the menu will not always be up to date on all pages. However, the menu on the home page is always kept up to date, so use this menu if you have any issues.

The new menu automatically adjusts itself to suit most mobile phones, and tablet computers. The menu will also ajust when viewing small browser windows on PCs, if you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Windows Internet Exlorer 9 or above.